Bun Rieu- Crab Tomato Noodle Soup.

Vietnamese noodle soup (aka Phở )..Known for it’s delicious combination of noodles, soup, meat, and use of  beautiful earthy garnishes, Phở was born in Northern Vietnam during the mid-1880s. The dish was heavily influenced by both Chinese and French cooking. Rice noodle and spices were imported from China; the French popularized the eating of red meat. In fact, it is believed that “phở” is derived from “pot au feu” a French soup. Vietnamese cooks blended the Chinese, French and native influences to make a dish that is uniquely Vietnamese.

I love Phở . I buy a bowl about 2-3 times a week. I went on a grocery run the other day and that’s when I realized that I could make it easily make it myself. And I was correct; I made Bun Rieu, which is a type of pho that consists of pork broth, tomatoes, crab/pork meatballs, fried tofu, shrimp paste and is usually garnished with cabbage, bean sprouts, mint leaves, and cilantro.

Here is a photo of the end result


Not too shabby for a first timer 😉 -hahaha- needless to say I am a bit proud of myself for trying this out.

Below  is  the link to the recipe I used:

Bun Rieu Cua Crab Noodle Soup

enjoy! xoxo


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